Customize Your Game

Component editor

The component editor allows users to create a variety of components that are used to make up the game map, for example, a giant slide, springboard, a ring of fire, or a turbo.

By simply dragging the basic unit models and encapsulated modular scripts, users can combine their functions to create a variety of novel map components.

In addition, the editor also provides custom modifications to component elements such as shape, color, style and texture, ensuring that each component created is a unique work that belongs only to the creator.

Map editor

Users can directly import components created by themselves or others into the map editor. These components can then be combined to become game scenes that can be directly used in Champion of Champions.

For your game scene, you can customize all the elements needed in a stage of a game, including the number of players, victory and defeat conditions and gameplay, and publish this scene directly in the game or the official community along with the gameplay and system you designed. Make it easy for all Champion of Champions users to play unique stages that are designed by you.

The community holds events from time to time. All users in the Dracoo World community will vote on the most popular customized game maps.

Game editor

Different from the map editor, the game editor in Champion of Champions will be more like a simple and easy-to-use game production engine, allowing users to create any type of games they can possibly imagine.

In addition to composing stages with corresponding components provided by Champion of Champions or freely created by users, the game editor will also provide users with plenty of interactive codes, as well as new UI/UE interactive components. These new components allow users to customize their own games to the greatest extent possible. Users will be able to freely design user perspectives, various unique systems and gameplay, and various interaction mechanisms in the game. It even allows users to write codes for some components, which means component functions that were completely impossible before are now made possible.

Similarly, the Dracoo World community will regularly display recent excellent game works for all users so users can try them out and make evaluations. Creators of these games can also receive a variety of materials provided by the community and Champion of Champions as rewards.

Make earnings by creating stages

In Champion of Champions, users need to pay a corresponding amount of $BAS as entrance fee every time they participate in a competition. After the competition ends, all users who have won a ranking will have the opportunity to get a part of the entrance fee as a reward.

If the track used for a competition is the official Champion of Champions track, then Champion of Champions will take a small part of the entrance fee as its operation income. If the track used for the competition is a user-created track, the user who created the track will receive 30%-80% of the operation income that Champion of Champions takes.

After a competition is over, all players can score and vote on the track. The higher score a track gets, the more frequently it will appear in random tracks, and the creator of the track will get more rewards.

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