Vision & Mission


Rad Bug was established in 2016, and we are honored to create products that can bring joy to players all over the world.

We believe that entertainment and communication are an essential part of our life. Through social networking and entertainment, we can discover another side of us which might be otherwise undiscovered in reality, such as the spirit of adventure, the fast and sharp thinking and decision-making in action games, the interactions in fierce online battles, and the interest in teamwork.

Dracoo World is dedicated to building a Dracoo-IP-based metaverse ecosystem, which includes multiple strategic games with Dracoo IP, drop modules that can be used for UGC creation, NFTs that can record on-chain achievements in the Dracoo universe, and the construction of SocialFi communities.


The ultimate goal of Dracoo World is not just to make a successful game, but to be a platform to connect blockchain technologies with gamers and streamers. These components will create a sustainable ecosystem that combines game resources, user resources and on-chain information to ultimately form a complete metaverse platform.

This is the vision of Dracoo World, including:

  1. Attractive and entertaining games with Dracoo IP.

  2. The friend and guild systems, guild territory and guild quests, which help players connect and interact with each other.

  3. The streaming system, where users can directly access the streaming media of Facebook/Twitch/YouTube and DracooMaster, and use $BAS (Big Amber Stone) or $DRA (DracooPoint) to donate to streaming media.

  4. NFTs that record on-chain achievements. They help users record what happened in Dracoo World.

  5. A complete Dracoo universe, including all the games with Dracoo IP and the modular UGC editor based on the Dracoo universe.

  6. Deep connection with players, which will encourage Rad Bug to create a perfect team with the players. Dracoo World will make a metaverse platform that is blockchain-based, transparent and convenient.


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