Earn while playing in Dracoo Master

In DracooMaster, You Can Earn Income in Many Ways

If you are not a blockchain player, you can play the game by using Fiat-Money currency to rent Dracoo through in-app purchases. The revenue generated in the game is also the digital currency on the chain. When you want to convert it into actual revenue, you only need to link the wallet to complete the withdrawal.

Earn rewards in the Dracoo Master game

The roguelike PVE mode allows you to obtain Big Amber Stones ($BAS) to your daily limit while you clime towards the summit of the Sacred Peak. If you have a powerful Dracoo team that helps you reach the summit, you will directly obtain $BAS to your daily limit.

Through the PVP competitive mode, you will receive $BAS currency rewards after you win each game. The daily amount you can get is limited. If you have a stronger Dracoo team, you will get more $DRA rewards from special events every season.

As a Digital Asset Holder, you can choose Summoner NFT and Advanced Dracoo as digital assets rewards. Both your Dracoo and Summoner NFT can be freely resold or leased in the market. Players who cannot obtain these assets through lottery or breeding, can lease these high-value digital assets in the market. At the same time, low-value Dracoo can also be pledged to the market to obtain stable pledge income.

As a Player, each version of Dracoo Master's roguelike elements can provide players with thousands of hours of game time. Improve your skills, develop the best Dracoo team, and get $BAS revenue while enjoying the Dracoomaster card game.

As a Breeder,In Dracoo Master, you can also be a breeder, creating Dracoo with better attributes, designing and developing better Dracoo decks, and selling them in competitions or on the market to obtain super high value-added benefit.

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