Dracoo In DracooMaster

Dracoo consists of six parts: horn, face, body, tail, wings, and back. Among them, horns, tail, wings and back determine the four proactive skills that a Dracoo can use during a battle, while body and face represent the two passive skills of a Dracoo.

Dracoo's body and face will provide the Dracoo with base attribute bonuses. Body will provide a much more obvious improvement in Health, Strength and Resilience.

Each Dracoo part carries dominant and recessive genes. When a Dracoo is engaged in breeding with another Dracoo, the child will inherit the body parts of its predecessors.

Base Attributes

Dracoo has 3 base attributes, namely Health, Strength and Resilience

  • Health: Determines the maximum amount of damage that a Dracoo can take during a battle. Dracoo will die when its Health becomes 0.

  • Strength: Determines the point of base damage that a Dracoo can deal during a battle. The higher Strength a Dracoo has, the more damage it can deal using attack skills.

  • Resilience: Determines the point of base Armor that a Dracoo can obtain during a battle. The higher Resilience a Dracoo has, the more points of Armor it can obtain using defensive skills.


Dracoo parts are divided into 4 rarity levels: Common, Rare, Super Rare and Specially Super Rare.

The rarer the parts are, the better effects and stronger cards. The cards, corresponding to these rare parts, will also become the key to determining the strength of the entire deck.

Mystic Parts

Some Dracoos will have a mystic special effect awakened on his body parts when they are born. Such parts are called mystic parts.

Mystic parts will increase the base attributes of a Dracoo, and the increased attributes are related to the attributes of the mystic parts themselves:

  • Lava mystic part: increase Dracoo's Strength

  • Ocean mystic part: increase Dracoo's Resilience

  • Plant mystic part: will increase Dracoo's Health.

Customize Your Dracoo

You can use the $BAS and$ DRA that you get for reaching the summit of the Sacred Peak to craft an item called creation module fragment. Using creation module fragments, you can design the appearance of Dracoo's body parts, and sell them as your exclusive NFT digital artworks on the market.

You can color a Dracoo as you like, print your favorite singer's image on the wings of your Dracoos and even draw brand new body parts by yourself.

Special Dracoo images produced using creation module fragments will be voted by the Dracoo community. The most popular artworks will become Dracoo characters available for playing in the game after the game is updated.


The most important attribute in the world of DracooMaster is Power. Power has a direct effect on the maximum BAS you can earn per day and your gaming experience. In DracooMaster, every Dracoo has its own point of Power, which is calculated based on its body parts and attributes. The rarer a Dracoo is, the higher initial point of Power it has. Power bonus generated by level-up and evolution is also based on the initial Power of the Dracoo.

In the adventure mode, the level of earnings is calculated by adding up the Power of all Dracoos and NFT summoners in the account. Starting with the base 1,025 points, level of earnings and daily maximum earnings will be increased by one level every time another 550 points are obtained, and reduced by one level every time 200 points are lost. Therefore, Power is what really matters when it comes to making earnings in the game. With a high point of Power, you are guaranteed to make large earnings in the game.

Please also note that if your Power is less than 425 points, your level of earnings will be calculated based on 425 points.


Every Dracoo part can be enhanced twice, which means a Dracoo can be enhanced up to 12 times. Only after all parts are enhanced to level 1 can level 2 start.

Once enhanced to level 1, cards and corresponding passive skills will have their attributes improved. Players can spend relatively fewer $BAS to increase the power of their Dracoos. Level 2 enhancement will add card animations and special body shapes.

When a Dracoo is enhanced to the max level, it will get fascinating special effects and flash effects.


A Dracoo can evolve 12 times maximum. Each evolution will improve Dracoo's base attributes and greatly increase its power. The 6th and 12th evolution will grant Dracoos unique physical characteristics.

Not every Dracoo has the ability to evolve. Only when all parts of a Dracoo are enhanced to level 1 will the evolution function be unlocked.

Consumables for evolution: Primordial stone and BAS.

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