Guilds are organizations voluntarily created by players. The guild system helps to increase the connection and communication between players. All guild members need to make joint efforts to make sure that their guilds keep expanding and growing. In addition, a large number of quests and special rewards are provided for guilds in DracooMaster. Guild members can earn rewards and remunerations by competing with other guilds or continuously developing their guilds.

Create a guild

The user who created a guild will be the head of the guild. This player must be someone of high reputation in DracooMaster. To create your guild, you need to have more than 10 Dracoos in your account and a certain amount of account Power, and pay an amount of fee.

You can customize your guild's name, icon, introduction, levels of guild members... anything you can think of.

Join the Guild

‌Players can search‌ for any guild they are interested in via the search function on the guild interface, or join a guild by accepting their invitation.

Guild level

Guilds have their Levels. The higher the Level will unlock more valuable features. The Guild needs many Glory Points and other resources to level up, requiring all guild members to work hard to collect enough. Guild Level also determines the maximum number of Guild members. ‌

Guild Leaderboard

Guilds have their levels. Higher levels will unlock more valuable features such as exchangeable items in the guild store, higher limit on the number of guild members, and resources produced every week by the guild.

A guild needs a large number of glory points and resources produced or looted in guild wars to level up, requiring all guild members to make joint efforts to collect. It's easier for a guild to retain its resources in a guild war if it has more active members.

Main Features in Guild

  • Guild Shop: exclusively for guild members. Guild members can use their guild contribution to exchange plenty of in-game resources and special items.

  • Guild Role: a system that arranges roles for guild members. It allows the head of the guild to allocate some of his power to the guild members. Members of certain roles can get more benefits when guild rewards are given out.

  • Guild Vault: guild's asset store. Resources generated via guild quests and during wars will all be recorded here, which can be used to unlock different guild systems and upgrade guild scale.

  • Guild Quest: Many quests with increasing difficulty and rewards are generated every week. Based on the volume of quests completed, members who participate will receive a variety of rewards.

  • Guild War: A feature that only allows guild members to participate in competing with other guilds to loot territories for resources. This is where most of the guild's materials and glory points come from.

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