Challenge Mode(PvP)

A new competitive mode where you don't need to use your own Dracoo but pay a certain $BAS as entrance fee to enter.

Users need to choose 1 skill card from the 3 cards randomly given by the system to the users, and choose a total of 24 cards as their basic deck. Use this completely random deck to compete with other users in 1V1 battles. Each time the user wins, a certain number of challenge mode points will be accumulated. If the user has played 7 games or failed 3 games in the challenge mode, the challenge is considered to have failed. The user can keep his points and return to the home screen, or pay the entrance fee for another challenge.

Reward distribution method

When users enter the challenge mode, they need to pay $BAS as ticket. These tickets will be given as rewards to users who are at the top of the rankings in the challenge mode when the calculation is done. Users' points in the challenge mode can be accumulated, and those who challenge more will have more points. We will calculate the points of the challenge mode every 24 hours. While clearing the daily points on the rankings, we will give the accumulated $BAS tickets of the day to the users at the top of the rankings as reward.

Betting Mode

In addition to participating in the daily challenge mode, users can also bet $BAS on other users participating in the challenge mode every day in the betting mode. Every day the system will give out multiple real-time parameters of today's games for users to analyze the success rate of betting.

Daily betting rewards will be given out at the same time as the points of the challenge mode are calculated. Users who bet and successfully predict the corresponding data can get a large amount of $BAS as a reward.

The parameters that can be predicted every day will be different. Users who participate in the challenge mode are allowed to participate in betting as well, which not only challenges users' skills, but also their luck.

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