Daily Task

The quest system aims at guiding new players to know more about the game and incentivizing daily active players. Players who own more than 3 Dracoos are all eligible to participate in the daily quest to win rewards.

For each account, the daily quest can be completed only once per day. Requirements and rewards for the daily quest will be refreshed at 00:00 every day. Players can go to the Quest interface to check out today's quests, like what percentage they have completed and what requirements they need to meet. After they complete the quests, they need to go to the Quest interface to claim the rewards. Rewards may vary from day to day, though they are mostly centered on $BAS and other in-game materials and items.

Dracoo Master will update and release daily quests from time to time. Players who complete the daily quest are all eligible to split the daily quest prize pool.

Event Task

Event quests are gameplay or functional quests released by DracooMaster every time it introduces new gameplay or new features. They are designed to help users participate in and understand the new gameplay and features as soon as possible.

Name and type of these quests will be modified with each version update of DracooMaster. There is a limit on the number of users who can participate. Only those who are willing to follow in the footsteps of DracooMaster and make significant contributions to the iteration and update of Dracoo Master will have the opportunity to participate in the event quests the moment the quests are released and win a large number of rewards that DracooMaster has prepared for them.

DracooMaster will release detailed information of event quests before each major version update. Users who actively participate in the new gameplay and give us feedback can get huge rewards.

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