DracooMaster combines the deck building mechanism in traditional games with real-time card battles. Use card skills to launch an attack and defeat the enemies on the battlefield to win the battle and claim rewards.


Two players will be split by the system into one on the offensive and the other on the defensive. Starting from the one on the offensive, both players will take turns to act. To maintain an orderly battle environment, each turn in the Arena mode is limited to 60 seconds. There is no time limit for a turn in the Adventure mode.

When your turn comes, the system will draw 5 cards for you from the Draw Pile as your hand cards. If there's no card in your Draw Pile, the system will shuffle the cards in your Discard Pile and make it your new Draw Pile. You can decide which cards to play and in what order they should be played based on your strategy.

You can end your turn when there's no card you want to play. Your turn will also end when the countdown ends. When your turn ends, all unplayed hand cards will automatically go to the Discard Pile and your opponent's turn will begin.

Use of Cards

Different cards come with different effects, so how they can be used during a battle will also be different.

To use a card, you need to drag it to the battle zone and select a target for it, then release the card for it to take effect. Most cards need a selected target, and for those that don't, you use them by dragging them to any place in the battle zone and releasing them.

Using a card will consume Energy points, the amount of which is indicated on the top left corner of the card. Generally, you have 3 points of Energy that you can use in your turn, but that number will be reduced to 2 for the first turn in an Arena mode battle if you're on the offensive. In the Adventure mode, some artifacts will also change the number of Energy points that you can use within your turn.

Stamina Crystal

At the beginning of each game, players will get 3 Stamina Crystals. The Stamina Crystals determines the number of cards that can be played in each round, and each card will consume stamina crystals to play. When the cost of the card is greater than the remaining Stamina Crystals, the card cannot be played in that round.

The total number of Stamina Crystals will not increase naturally in the game, but Stamina Crystals will be fully restored at the beginning of each round.

Character's Position

A Dracoo can be placed in different positions on the battlefield. Dracoos standing in the front are more vulnerable to attacks, while for Dracoos standing in the back, only ranged attack skills can hit their target.

Players need to adjust the position of their 3 Dracoos at the Team interface prior to a battle. It might be a good idea to place 2 Dracoos in a row, but bear in mind that some attack skills come with penetrating effects, which means they can deal damage to Dracoos standing in a row simultaneously.

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