Arena Mode(PvP)

This is where players from all over the world engage in real-time combats. You can challenge players from every nook of the world to head-to-head combats here. Based on your combat history, the system will decide your tier - something that determines your rewards after you win or lose a combat. When a season ends, players will be ranked worldwide based on their tier points, and the top 100 players on the ranking will be rewarded with a substantial number of DRA.

The ranking reward includes trophies and chest fragments. In the arena mode, winning a battle means winning trophies while losing a battle means losing trophies. The number of trophies that a players owns determines his ranking and matchmaking tier. The final $DRA reward will be given to players who secure their place on the ranking list.

Tickets to and rewards from the arena vary from tier to tier. For different tiers, tickets are different, so are treasure chest fragments obtained from rewards and the number of rewards. However, rest assured that you will be rewarded regardless of winning or losing.

1,000 fragments can be exchanged for a chest, which contains potions, primordial gems, Dracoo mystery boxes, NFT summoner mystery boxes and DRA. Chests of different tiers contain different amounts of these materials with different probabilities.

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