The Leaderboard is a system that ranks players based on their achievements in the game. Leaderboards help to increase the competitiveness of players and create exciting challenges. Leaderboard competitions are activities where the strong try to climb the ranking ladder to ensure the highest possible position. Only the top ranked players will be rewarded. The rewards of this event are extremely valuable, well-deserved, and very attractive to any player.

Reward Description

Rewards will be distributed to the top players who can occupy a place in the competitive ladder (top 10, top 100...). Players with lower rankings will not be eligible for any rewards. The higher the level, the more valuable and generous the reward.

Leaderboard classification

The leaderboard of Dracoo Master is divided into several categories, creating different challenges for players to conquer. Players can selectively change and view their ranking according to the category of the leaderboard. The rankings are classified as follows:

  • Trophy Leaderboard (Main List): Rank players based on the total number of trophies.

  • Victory Leaderboard: Rank players based on the number of wins.

  • Winning Streak Ranking: Rank players based on the number of consecutive wins.

  • Guild Ranking: The guild ranking based on the trophy of each guild.


Achievement system is a special way to get rewards.

A system that counts users' active behaviors in the game, the types of decks built and the assets they own, etc., to achieve various achievements and obtain corresponding rewards.Designed to guide users who are looking for new challenges to play the game more purposefully.

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