Low Threshold

At the beginning of DracooMaster, we put forward the concept of lowering the barriers to entry for players. In addition to investing funds, users often need to go through the cumbersome entry process of registering a wallet, purchasing currency, and purchasing game assets, which has led to many excellent gamesfailing to reach ordinary players. In pvp e-sports games, more players create more interesting battles. A cumbersome entry barrier would limit the future expansion of Dracoo Master. This is why we decided to establish a mode with a low threshold that ordinary users can enter and play.

In DracooMaster you will be able to use in-app purchases to playEven if there is no wallet, users can still experience the charm of Dracoomaster.

Common access pass users who download apps through Appstore and Googleplay or www.dracooworld.com will contain 3 random Dracoo. Players can enjoy all modes of the game through these three Dracoo, and can obtain monetary incentive assets on our chain.The user(gamer) must link the digital wallet to withdraw the digital currency assets in the account.

We hope that through the simple low-threshold entry method in the process and the income method before linking the wallet, more players will be converted into Gamefi players, and more gamers will be gathered, thus making Dracoomaster more valuable.

Access Pass Dracoo

Dracoo included in the access (game pass) pass will be randomly drawn from the Dracoo pledge pool.

The access pass includes Dracoo without any restrictions.

The access pass includes the rental Dracoo from the user rental market and the Dracoo pledge pool.

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