Guild War(GvG)

Create a guild with your friends, and compete with other guilds in the guild war to defend the core of the guild from being destroyed by opponents.

You can choose to place your Dracoos to work on the territory of your own guild to produce a lot of construction and defense resources for your guild, and use these resources to continuously expand and strengthen your guild base. You can also choose to send a powerful Dracoo team to attack enemies' territories with other guild members, defeat the Dracoos of other guilds on these territories and loot the territories for resources. Choose the easiest way to break through, and lead your Dracoos and allies to head straight to the heart of enemies' territories.

A guild war will continue for days until one guild is defeated. When a guild war cycle ends, the guild will calculate the achievements that players have made and distribute looted resources to all the guild members who participated in the attack and defense.

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