Game Background

As time goes on, the resources on the land of Zechariah - the place where Dracoos live - start to dwindle, and so does DRA, the source of Dracoo energy. If nothing gets done, in a few years all Dracoos will lose their energy and all Dracoo races will extinct. However, some Dracoos manage to discover another type of energy source called Magical Primocryst, which they find in the bodies of the creatures they killed in the Primocryst Forest on the other side of the land. Magical Primocrysts can be used to forge amulets, and such amulets can replace DRA and grant wearers the energy they need and provide them with even more powerful energy by absorbing the Magical Primocrysts. Dracoos have since become greedy for Magical Primocrysts and started an endless massacre in the Primocryst Forest.

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