Big Amber Stone

Ticker: BAS

Total supply: unlimited

DracooMaster will not sell $BAS directly to players.$BAS can be earned by playing games. After earning, you can withdraw them to your wallet.

Before the game mainnet launching, 20 million BAS would be mint. It will be set aside for the initial liquidity on CEX / DEX.


Battle: Winning in PVE mode will get a certain $BAS reward.

Arena: Winning in the arena will get a certain @BAS reward.

Mission: After completing daily missions, you will receive $BAS rewards.

Ranking rewards: Players can get $BAS rewards if they improve their rankings.

Union Battle: In the GVG mode, the winning union will receive $BAS and other rewards.


Big Amber Stone ($BAS) is the main currency used in the operation of DracooMaster. $BAS is mainly used for the following activities.

Breeding Dracoo: The breeding system is the originating source of most Dracoo, and each breeding will consume $BAS correspondingly.

Dracoo upgrade: Each pet in dracoo has a total of 18 component levels and 12 pet (individual) levels. Upgrading Dracoo will cost $BAS.

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