Before starting the game, players need to own at least the three Dracoos. Each Dracoo consists of 6 parts, and each part will correspond to a skill card in DracooMaster.

Since the skill cards of each Dracoo are already determined upon its birth, and some skill cards are more powerful when used together, so players need to choose 3 Dracoos more carefully to form a more powerful and more efficient team.

Skill cards in DracooMaster are mainly divided into the following categories:

  • Passive Card: Skill cards corresponding to Dracoo's body and face, which give Dracoos base Health and endow them with inherent passive effects.

  • Attack Card: Skill cards that need to be proactively used in battles and deal direct damage to enemies. They are generally divided into three types: melee damage, ranged damage and AOE damage.

  • Magic Card: Functional skill cards that will not deal direct damage after use, but will provide teammates with special effects such as armor, healing, and energy stealing.

  • Ability card: Skill cards that you can use to strengthen your Dracoos and apply a variety of powerful buffs to selected Dracoos.

Card introduction

In DracooMaster, all Dracoo skills are displayed to the users in the form of cards, which can be divided into the following parts:

  • Card type: The color of the boundary of a card will directly determine the type of the card. Red is attack card, blue is magic card, orange is ability card, and gray is passive card.

  • Skill name: The name of a card will be displayed on the top of the card in the form of text. Using this name, you can directly search on the official website for the corresponding Dracoo.

  • Energy consumption: The number in the upper left corner of a card shows the energy that the card will consume when it is used in a battle. Only when the user's current remaining energy is larger than this number can this card be played.

  • Damage and Armor: If a card deals damage or applies Armor, the corresponding effect type and specific base point will be displayed on the left side of the card. Otherwise, nothing will be displayed.

  • Skill attribute: Each card has its own attribute (plant/lava/ocean/lightning), which is displayed in the lower right corner of the card in the form of an icon.

  • Additional effects: In addition to dealing damage, some cards also generate powerful additional effects, which are written at the bottom of the card in the form of text.

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