Collection Prize Pool

Collect NFTs, Split Prizes

This is a feature that can be found in all the games with Dracoo IP, such as Dracoo Master and Dracoo Keeper.

When players win a Deathmatch battle in DracooMaster, they will get an NFT piece. 100 NFT pieces can be used to exchange a Collection NFT in the "Collection" section on DracooMaster's official marketplace. When players gather one set of Collection NFTs within the period, they will be able to mint an qualification for the prize split in the prize pool. As long as you get the qualification, you will be able to split the BAS accumulated in the Deathmatch mode!

Also, you can collect multiple sets of Collection NFTs to mint multiple qualifications so you can increase your chances to split the prize. In addition, while you mint your qualification, there's a chance for you to obtain an NFT Pass voucher directly. An NFT Pass is a key to the Dracoo World that grants you exclusive privileges and benefits!

Join now to experience the unique gameplay in the Dracoo World! Collect NFTs and split prizes! Make earnings while you enjoy the game!

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