Adventure Mode(PvE)

Players team up three Dracoos and challenge 41 stages in 9 scenes. Each stage offers 1-4 paths for players to select. A stage might be an encounter with monsters, a random event, a store, a rest spot or treasure chests. A surprise or a hard-fought battle? Only your choice could decide.

The Fun Roguelike Card Game

Uses 3 Dracoo to build 12 kinds of basic cards, starting with 12 cards to climb the Sacred peak. Would you choose a safe path without rewards, or challenge dangerous enemies to plunder rich rewards? Obtain powerful colorless cards during the climbing process to build a more complete card chain, obtaining artifacts from the BOSS., and collecting different artifacts will help you climb the summit of the peak.

Every battle, based on the intensity, will reward you with BAS and elemental stone fragments according to your earning level and difficulty level. The final boss will drop a large number of BAS. These rewards are not that easy to obtain; it requires various strategies and efficient card combinations. You can opt for the “stage-accumulated power” with higher earnings but also higher risks, challenge the final boss in a shorter time and collect your max earnings. You can also opt for the “stage-accumulated earnings” with lower earnings but also lower risks, and extend the length of your line of daily earnings. The pros and cons are obvious: the time you spend in the game and the Power consumed by a Dracoo in a battle (For each battle, a Dracoo consumes 0.23 points of Power).

No Games Will be Exactly the Same.

Knowing how to combine different Dracoos, cards and strategies will help you clear all stages and reach the summit more easily.

Your daily earnings in the adventure mode are based on your earning level + the difficulty level. This is how your daily max earnings and earnings of each battle are calculated. The difficulty level earnings are calculated based on the highest difficulty level that you have currently passed, so even if you switch to another difficulty level, only your battle earnings will be reduced, not your daily max earnings.

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