Dracoo In COC

In Champion of Champions, Dracoos' parts will provide Dracoos with adaptability points corresponding to the attributes of the parts. Dracoos with higher adaptability will have more advantages in the game of Champion of Champions.

In addition, Dracoos' mystic parts and origin tags will provide Dracoos with additional different base attributes.

Dracoo's Base Attributes

Dracoos in Champion of Champions will have the following base attribute:

  • Speed: Determines a Dracoo's base movement speed in the game. The higher Speed a Dracoo has, the faster it runs.

  • Weight: Determines Dracoo's weight in the game. A Dracoo with higher weight will have an advantage when it collides with other Dracoos, but it will jumper lower as a result.

  • Wrist strength: Determines the weight that Dracoo can lift in the game. The higher wrist strength a Dracoo, the more advantage it has in destroying obstacles or lifting other Dracoos.


In Champion of Champions, each stage has a requirement on adaptability of different attributes. This value will affect the basic performance of your Dracoo in the stage.

The adaptability requirement of a stage will be displayed after you enter the stage. When the adaptability provided by Dracoo's body parts is higher than the adaptability requirements limited by the stage, your Dracoo will get additional base attribute bonuses in the stage. Likewise, if the adaptability of your Dracoo's corresponding attributes is lower than the value limited by the stage, your Dracoo's base attributes will be reduced.

A Dracoo with high adaptability will perform better in stages, like being able to run faster, jump higher, and even lift heavier objects. These attributes may not play a decisive role, but they will definitely become a key factor that affects the outcome of a game.

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