Blind Box

Blind Box is a box system sold by Dracoo Master system to users on the marketplace.

Buy Blind Boxes $BUSD or $DRA.

The selling price of Blind Box is variable and will be adjusted according to economic factors.

Blind Box will be released regularly. Every time a new series of Blind Box is released, new card content, new dracoo types and gameplay will be launched.

Blind Box is sold in limited quantities, and the selling price and quantity of each batch will be announced before the sale.

The box contains a dracoo, and its 6 body parts. The 6 parts of the dracoo opened in the box will be given randomly according to a fixed ratio.

Blind Box Drop-Rate

There’s a 2% chance to own a mystic part for a Dracoo coming out of a mystery box, much higher than 2‰ for a Dracoo born from breeding.

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