GamePlay introduction

Survival Mode:

Players need to evade and defeat monsters. Monsters have the probability of dropping essence fragments, which, when collected, enhances the Dracoo’s abilities. If the player is able to survive for 15 minutes, a boss will appear. Upon defeating the boss, various materials will drop with a chance to obtain equipment.

Endless Challenge Mode:

The gameplay is similar to the survival mode, but after defeating the first boss, players will progress to the next level. They need to survive for an additional 5 minutes before challenging the boss again. When character skills are maxed out, level ups results in in-game currency rewards, restores character’s health and increases base attributes.

Battle of Faith Mode:

In this mode, all players individually challenge a world boss. The bosses have fixed HP and are extremely powerful. When a player deals damage to a boss, the boss will lose an equal amount of HP until it is finally defeated. Players will be ranked based on the damage they deal and receive rewards based on their leaderboard ranking.

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