Game Mode

There are four modes in DracooMaster:

  1. Adventure Mode(Player Vs Enviroment): Three Dracoos are needed to participate. Start an adventure at the foot of the Sacred Peak, defeat enemies standing in your way, and finally claim your rewards at the Sacred Peak summit.

  2. Arena Mode(Player Vs Player): Three Dracoos are needed to participate. Take your Dracoo team into the Arena and compete against other players. Defeat them all and leave your name on the rankings.

  3. Guild War(Guild Vs Guild): Players need to join a guild to participate. Guilds use Dracoos to compete with each other for territories, and use the resources on these territories to strengthen the guilds.

  4. Challenge Mode(Player Vs Player): One Dracoo is needed to participate. Select a set of exclusive skills from the Dracoo skills provide by the system, bring the Dracoo to challenge other Dracoos, and win the final reward.

All game modes require players to own at least one Dracoo. Some modes will require BAS as entrance fee. More details can be found in other parts of the Whitepaper.

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