DracooMaster will release the Summoner NFT image from time to time.

The Summoner NFT is an artistic image work created by DracooWorld and artists. In addition to functional value, it also has artistic value. Currently Summoner NFTs are sold in a limited number. Each Summoner NFT has a unique visual appearance, and they can be shown to all your opponents as your image in DracooMaster. We also endow the Summoner NFTs with special effects in the game, including:

  • Access to DracooMaster's test server and closed test features.

  • Access to using the skill of corresponding Summoner NFTs during battles.

  • Different animated summoner images of corresponding Summoner NFTs during battles.

  • A battle voice system where Summoner NFTs are voice-acted by famous voice actors.

  • Summoner NFT level and corresponding improvement in Power.

Summoner Level

In DracooMaster, Summoner NFTs also have levels. Generally, there are 4 types of levels for a Summoner NFT: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

Users can level up their Summoner NFT by letting it devour Dracoos. When a Summoner NFT devours a Dracoo, it will gain experience points based on the Power of that Dracoo. When a Summoner NFT levels up, many new effects will be unlocked:

  • Summoner NFT animated images of corresponding summoners

  • Animated artistic images exclusive to Summoner NFTs

  • Enhanced summoner skills

  • Battle voice exclusive to Summoner NFTs

  • A special way that a Summoner NFT makes its appearance

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