Dracoo World

Community-Driven Design

Dracoo World is a blockchain-based virtual social universe that is truly driven by the community owner and managers.
In the fields of traditional socializing and games, community-driven social patterns and customized games have flourished for years, and many communities voluntarily organized by users and many exquisite games and stages designed by fans or users have as a result come into being. Dracoo World has prepared a substantial number of resources for its development in the next decade, and will authorize users to create the future form of the entire Dracoo World in the form of community, including various customized game modes, game stages, maps and even NFT skins. This idea will open up infinite new possibilities for the entire Dracoo World.

Valuable and Profitable Healthy Communities

We strive to create a fascinating game platform and build a healthy&dynamic community from there.
  • Fast and convenient channels for community communication: The establishment of community forums and the friend and guild systems ensures the convenient and transparent communication among users.
  • Free and diverse ways to create the community: The introduction of lands, editor and droppable modules allows users to build the community in a more free and diverse way.
  • Open and transparent community profit mechanism: This includes the construction of SocialFi community groups and the game editor with powerful functions. Users can freely publish their works and thus make profits.