In Champion of Champions, a large-scale stage-based variety show, players will control their adorable Dracoos and start an unusual "chaotic", "hilarious" and "intense" competition with many other contestants.

Upon initial release, the game will provide two game modes for players to choose. With the introduction of the stage editor, uploading custom stages by players themselves will be supported.

Single player mode

Players will challenge online players from all over the world as individuals. Everyone's goal is to eliminate their opponents and advance to the next round. In rounds after rounds of duels, players will never know what the next challenge will be.

Stages are completely random. You need to get ready for unknown challenges with your Dracoo! As long as you can "survive" till the end, you will obtain the ultimate victory.

Double player mode

In the double player mode, the two participating Dracoos will be tied together by a red line of fate. You cooperate with your partner, support each other, and face the challenges that come from other teams and stages. In the double player mode, the closer the two contestants are when they complete the stage objective, the higher points they will get. You can also earn points by "framing" other teams. In each round of stage, the last place with the fewest points will be eliminated. The Couple with the most points in the final stage will win!

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