Dracoo World


The Ocean Dracoo
Dracoo is an essential component in the entire Dracoo World.
All Dracoos have 6 body parts: horns, face, body, tail, wings and back. Every part has a unique look. Combined, they make up an adorable and distinctive Dracoo.
Each Dracoo part carries dominant and recessive genes. When a Dracoo is engaged in breeding with another Dracoo, the child will inherit the body parts of its predecessors.

Mystic Part

Some Dracoos will have a mystic special effect awakened on his body parts when they are born. Such parts are called mystic parts.
A mystic part comes with a special animation and effect, and will improve the Dracoo's base attributes or apply additional effects. Mystic parts will brings different gains to Dracoos in different games.

Customize Your Dracoo

You can use the $BAS and$ DRA that you get for reaching the summit of the Sacred Peak to craft an item called creation module fragment. Using creation module fragments, you can design the appearance of Dracoo's body parts, and sell them as your exclusive NFT digital artworks on the market.
You can color a Dracoo as you like, print your favorite singer's image on the wings of your Dracoos and even draw brand new body parts by yourself.
Special Dracoo images produced using creation module fragments will be voted by the Dracoo community. The most popular artworks will become Dracoo characters available for playing in the game after the game is updated.