Dracoo World

Dracoo World

Dracoo World
Dracoo World is a blockchain virtual world based on Dracoo IP. It is comprised of multiple different types of games and communities and allows players to create their own exclusive games and earn profits.
Users can buy and sell on-chain virtual lands, use the map editor or game editor to create their own exclusive scenes or games, and enter other Web3 applications and ecosystems around the globe. We also allow external NFTs to enter our universe.
In the future, we will build a complete Dracoo World universe based on Dracoo IP, which includes multiple Dracoo-IP-based games, a blockchain-based feature to buy & sell lands and freely create buildings on these lands, an editor that allows users to freely edit and publish Dracoo games, as well as a complete community and an open, fair community trading system. We strive to make Dracoo World the biggest on-chain virtual social platform.

NFT on-chain achievement system

We plan to record the events and achievements that users accomplish in Dracoo World in the form of NFT.
Users can record the events and achievements that they have accomplished in Dracoo World on their NFTs, which will publicly displayed in the community where all the other users will be able to see the events and achievements of that user in a real time manner. Such user information can be traded and transferred along with the NFT. Compared to ordinary NFTs, these NFTs carry much higher collection value and will be granted function bonus in all the projects in Dracoo World.

Dracoo Master

Dracoo Master is a strategic trading card battle game based on the characters named Dracoo.
Different Dracoo body parts come with different skills, which are presented to users in the form of cards. Users can obtain the Dracoo body parts they want by breeding Dracoos, create a complete deck by combining the cards provided by these body parts, use these decks to participate in the Adventure mode or the Arena mode, and finally win $BAS or $DRA as reward, both of which are currencies exclusive to the Dracoo World community.

Dracoo Keeper

Dracoo Keeper is a rogue-like role-playing game where players combine different skills to create the most powerful skill set, collect a variety of items that help them more easily tackle the hundreds of thousands of monsters coming their way, and finally defeat the boss to win great equipment rewards.
Equipment of higher grades can be converted into NFTs. Players can freely exchange these NFTs to make surprising earnings.

Champion of Champions

Champion of Champions is a Dracoo-based multi-person online fighting game.
Each Dracoo's body part will provide different attributes and effects for the Dracoo in the game. Users need to choose one of their own Dracoos to compete in the various stages provided by Champion of Champions, either as an individual or as a team. Users need to pass a certain requirement to win the competition, and those who win will be rewarded with a large number of $BAS.
In addition, the map editor feature will also be made open in the game. Besides participating in the game to get rewards, users can use the map editor to freely edit and publish their own stages. The community will vote for users' favorite customized maps every once in a while, and reward the map authors for their creation. Customized stages will be uploaded to the game for other users to play. When other users play on these customized maps, additional revenue will be generated for the maps.

Dracoo World editor

In the future, we will develop a complete game editor feature based on Dracoo IP. Via the editor, users will be able to make complete and independent games, design the lands and scenes they have bought, or customize any stage in a Dracoo game to their liking.
All these features will be made possible in Dracoo World. Please stay tuned.
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